LOROS Strategic plan 2020-2023

Our new Strategic Plan sets out the route map that we have carefully designed for the organisation and has been written in consultation with our major stakeholders.


Strategic response to COVID-19

A 'Plan on a Page' has been developed to respond to the impact of COVID-19 and provides an outline of our short-term strategic intentions from September 2020 to March 2021.

It is an addendum to our 2020-23 Strategy which will be revisited in Spring 2021. You can read the Plan on a Page (POAP) below, as well as the Plan on a Page Impact Report, which demonstrates what we have achieved in response to the POAP.

Download our Plan on a Page (POAP) Download our POAP Impact Report

Planning for the future

It has become increasingly apparent that both national and local landscapes are changing – financially, politically, socially – and demands on all aspects of the NHS and social care systems are growing. Reduction in government funding and increasing need, specifically from an ageing population with multiple illnesses, are putting a real strain on resources.

It is important for us as a charity to ensure that we intelligently use all the resources available to us, to work with NHS colleagues to support local services and ensure our patients get access to the best possible support, advice and care.

The main focus for the next three years will be the prioritisation of high-quality patient care, along with the aspiration to further expand our support into the community. In addition, we will continue to support and develop our staff to ensure they have the right skills.

To support our ambitions, we will develop a Quality Improvement approach, focusing on outcomes and engaging staff, patients, carers and colleagues together to improve and redesign the way that care is provided and the organisation is structured.

We will maximise our collaborations with local charities to initiate partnerships that will enhance the voluntary sector.

We will continue to be prudent with all the income we receive to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of our care services. This is crucial as our aspirations for the next three years are dependent upon ability to maintain and grow our income.

Here are just some of the initiatives we will deliver by 2023:

  1. Expand our counselling service by appointing a children’s and young person’s counsellor who will also support local schools and colleges dealing with the terminal illness or death of a student.

  2. Develop a number of Compassionate Communities to enable local people to support their neighbours in different ways.

  3. Establish the first LOROS Wellbeing Centre out in the local community, helping patients and families earlier in their illness, encouraging them to manage their illnesses more effectively and access a number of services without having to travel to the Hospice.

  4. Develop a LOROS at Home service to provide short term specialist care at home.

  5. Develop a new way of offering videoconferencing training (called ECHO) to support care home staff to look after their residents who are dying.

Read the full 3 Year Strategy
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