Six Steps to Success in Personalised End of Life Care

Short Course 22nd September 9:00AM - 16:30PM

Fully funded for care home staff by NHS Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland


Course information

The Six Steps to Success programme aims to enhance personalised end of life care through facilitating organisational change and supporting and educating staff to develop their roles around end of life care. 

 At the core of the Six Steps Programme is the nomination of two or three representatives from the care home (including a manager/senior carer). Having representatives for personalised end of life care will ensure each care home has champions who have access to current national and local information.

Participants will be supported to implement a small service improvement project, develop their knowledge and skills and encouraged to empower and educate staff within their organisation to deliver good quality personalised end of life care.

A pre-course requirement is to complete a module through the Personalised Care Institute (time required 1 hour). Available at

 This programme commences in September 2022; Dates are 22nd September, 13th October, 10th November, 1st December 12th January 2023, 9th February. All workshops to be attended face to face at LOROS hospice.

To find out more about the Six Steps Programme and our participation criteria, please contact

LOROS, Groby Road, Leicester LE3 9QE