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Patient Stories

26th August

Fiona's story

"My mum, Ros Sherwin, was a district nurse. In May 2020, when she was 61, she went for a scan at Glenfield Hospital, and out of the blue she was told she had stage 4 lung cancer. It was a terrible shock."

Patient Stories

21st August

Emma's story

"Considering she couldn't talk anymore, the nurses were still able to have a chat with her about her wishes, her family, her childhood and her favourite hobby which was gardening. It didn't matter that it took her a while to write down what she wanted to say, everyone gave her the time to be able to do this."

Patient Stories

27th June

Sharon's Story

“It was like walking into a hotel and the care and the warmth was incredible. I immediately felt so comfortable and so did Baz, they took such good care of us.”

Patient Stories

18th June


When Ian died, I felt relieved that he was at peace. It had been a long, difficult road. After his death I continued to have complementary therapy which I loved, as well as some counselling. The support from LOROS went way beyond what I expected. It really kept me going.

Patient Stories

18th June

Catherine Sloman

I remember the day Graeme went into LOROS and called me. That was the first time in what felt like ages, that he sounded happy

Patient Stories

18th June

Pete Huckle

I came into LOROS three weeks ago and I feel safe here. If things get better, then great but if they don’t, I know LOROS is the right place to be.

Patient Stories

18th June

Tony Large

If you can use the word enjoy about end of life care, then he enjoyed it. I can't praise LOROS enough.

Patient Stories

7th May

Harish Davda

“I used to have such a responsible job - I worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Then suddenly I had so much time on my hands. I found it really difficult.”

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