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Welcome to the August issue of the Hospice Pin Board.

I hope you've all managed to get a little break in this Summer!

This month there is lots to discover about LOROS- our Will Writing Month is fast approaching, Rob prepares to Run Leicester and there is a review of our Mock CQC Inspection to have a read through. Also, we are delighted to reveal that Dr Zoebia Islam and Irfhan Mururajani have been nominated for The Together Award as part of the Make a Difference Awards by BBC Radio Leicester.

Happy reading,

Ellie x

Rob's Update

Rob run's Leicester!

by Rob Parkinson

On Sunday 30th October, thousands of runners will take to the streets as part of the Run Leicester Half Marathon. Each will run 13.1 miles in celebration of the sport, the city’s wonderful sights and for fantastic causes making a real difference. Including me!

Having joined LOROS as Chief Executive in April 2022, I have (with a gentle push from the Fundraising Team) signed up to take part and raise funds for the Hospice. Over the years, I’ve known a lot of people who were supported by LOROS and it was a major reason as to why I made the decision to work here. It’s an amazing organisation and it makes you want to do more to support it, and improve the quality of life of people living with a life limiting condition.

More recently, a member of my close family has used the LOROS Lymphoedema service and it has made a huge difference to their wellbeing. We’ve all been so appreciative of all the amazing help LOROS has been able to provide.

The Team at LOROS have asked if I’ll run in fancy costume and I’ve said it depends but definitely not the LOROS mascot… Lionel the Lion. It’s far too hot for that! Do let me know if you have any suggestions?

Although I’ve taken part in half marathons and marathon events before, this year, I’m really just hoping to raise as much as I can for LOROS Hospice. I’m not really thinking of my time, but I’d be pleased with 2 hours and 15 minutes. It will hurt! But it’ll be worth it.

Keep up-to-date with my training and progress on my page (TBC) and if you’d like to support me in my run for LOROS, you can donate here too. Thank you! Hope to see you at the finish line.

What is happening at LOROS?

Will Writing Month

Throughout September, we will be working with local solicitors and Will writers to offer a free Will writing service. There is no obligation to remember LOROS in the Will that you make, however we are extremely grateful for any support you choose to give us. Gifts in Wills currently account for 25% of our annual income, and are vital to continuing LOROS services.

Our Will writing clinics will take place over five dates within September in the LPDC as detailed below:

Tuesday 13th September 2022-

Sponsored by Wilson Browne, with solicitor Kayleigh Brown

Wednesday 14th September 2022-

Sponsored by Frisby & Small Solicitors, with solicitors Stuart Crumpler and Fiona Fraser.

Thursday 15th September 2022

Sponsored by Frisby & Small Solicitors, with solicitors Stuart Crumpler and Fiona Fraser.

Tuesday 20th September 2022

Sponsored by Rich and Carr, with solicitor Vilas Mistry

Wednesday 21st September 2022

Sponsored by Honey Legal, with Estate Planning Consultant Mary Morgan.

Remember, a gift in your Will costs nothing today but it will help to secure the future of the Hospice. To find out more please visit the Will Writing Month webpage. To register your interest please contact supportercare@loros.co.uk indicating your preferred date and solicitor.

Pssst! Come and join us!

If you’ve been contemplating joining the LOROS Lottery, but haven’t yet got around to it, pop down and have a chat with us in the social area on Thursday 25th August, 13.00 and 15.00. If you’re a new player that day, if you uplift to Keep the Change, or if you add another number, we want you to stay and celebrate International Lottery Day with us by enjoying a cream tea, our treat!

To mark International Lottery Day, LOROS Lotteries are celebrating their our Silver Jubilee year with a ‘winners celebration’. On Thursday 25th August, around 20 Lottery jackpot winners from the last few months will be joining us at the Hospice, to find out ‘what their £1 really means’. After a meander around our beautiful gardens and woodland, our winners will enjoy a cream tea and something fizzy in our newly refurbished social area. We’re very proud of our Hospice, and of our local community, so wanted to say a little ‘thank you’ to our players, whilst showcasing our Hopsice and the wonderful work that we all do. #savethedate #support&win

Wellbeing Hub

The Day Therapy Team are pleased to announce the opening of the Wellbeing Hub! This will be open on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. This will be run by volunteers and will offer support to both patients and carers. The sessions are available to patients with a progressive life limiting illness and the patient does not need a referral to attend.

There will be a wellbeing session each which will included seated Tai Chi, drumming lessons, singing and relaxation. Additionally, there is complementary therapy available during the day alongside crafting activities and a book swap on each session. If you require any more information regarding this service please feel free to reach out to the Day Therapy Team!

Mock CQC Inspection

An unannounced mock CQC inspection was carried out on Friday 8th July by Graham Smith, Trustee, Freedom to Speak Up Guardian and Chair of the Health & Safety Committee and Jo Beeching, Clinical Volunteer Facilitator. 

The purpose for undertaking the mock inspection was to ensure LOROS is as prepared as it can be for when a real CQC inspection takes place.  The inspection sought to speak primarily with staff members, volunteers and patients based on the five CQC domains: Safe, Caring, Responsive, Effect and Well Led. 

Below are some of the positive findings

  • All the staff were open and honest and there was a sense of pride to be part of the organisation, with all staff articulating that they feel included and valued as part of the Hospice.   The Inspection Team observed the Hospice to be clean with clear evidence of cleaning schedules, availability of hand sanitisers, fire exits were clear and all communal areas were tidy and inviting

  • All staff interviewed could identify where to find policies, guidelines and best practice to support them in the provision of care

  • Staff were seen to be open and empathetic in their interactions with patients. Staff spoke with pride at being able to provide the care they aspired to and with always putting the patient at the centre of that care

  • Dignity and respect for patients, families and each other was articulated consistently and teamwork was cited frequently as the reason for excellent patient care and experience

  • All staff and volunteers felt induction and ongoing training needs were met and they all felt this was the right support to be able to do the role for which they were employed

  • The volunteer training was cited as thorough and the Inspection Team heard about new initiatives for ensuring volunteer standards and continued support and experience

  • All staff and volunteers showed confidence in the escalation and reporting of any concern, incidents or complaints

  • The staff and volunteers all spoke with animation that they felt supported, valued and the pride they had for working at the Hospice

  • Infection Prevention information was noted at all entrances and exits with posters and information visible with regard to which PPE should be used and how to put on and remove PPE. All staff and volunteers were observed to be compliant and spoke of the importance of this

Below are some of the issues identified during the mock inspection:

  • There was no evidence of a Welcome in any different languages

  • The back corridor was filled with ward equipment, chairs and beds both unmade and made

  • Staff and volunteers knew of the Board of Trustees, but acknowledged due to the pandemic, they had not been visible of late therefore, it is suggested that a plan to address this is devised

  • The mandatory training for the Board of Trustees was found not to be entirely up to date but a plan to address this has been put in place

  • Some Infection Prevention signage was extremely small in font with contradictions in guidance

  • All the leaflets and booklets for patient and family information were only in English and no information was seen to signpost any person to access information in different languages or communication format

  • Food hygiene rating was displayed in the staff and volunteer dining room but not at the Café @ LOROS or the dining area in Day Therapy where food can be purchased

  • Locations around the Hospice where patient feedback could be given were noted. However, this wasn’t consistent and not inviting of such practice in all areas

  • Staff were able talk through how to access the Freedom to Speak Guardian and Accountable Officer but could not identify further than that

An action plan has been devised to address the issues raised.

Thank you and well done to all staff and volunteers for your continued hard work and dedication.  

Events updates

Great Glen Wheelbarrow Race

Organised by our Ambassador Andy Williamson and his wife Diane, the Great Glen Wheelbarrow Race and Summer Fete is going to be a blast! To enter please see the attached form.

Ladies' long overdue lunch

Gather your friends and book your places/table for Thursday 8th September for a long overdue luncheon.

From a delicious three-course meal to bespoke shopping hall experience and entertainment from our guest speaker Eddie the Eagle, it's going to be wonderful!

Big Day Out is BACK!

Be sure to add Sunday 4th September to your calendars as our Big Day Out is back!

Join us for our free, family fun day at LOROS Hospice and enjoy a day jam-packed with entertainment and activities.

From a range of food and craft stalls to outdoor games, there’s something for everybody to enjoy. Our beautiful Hospice grounds will host entertainment, bouncy castles and go-karting experiences while children can ride on a mini fire engine and come face-to-face with adorable fluffy alpacas.

Tie a Ribbon for Remembrance

As part of the Big Day Out, there will also be an opportunity to take part in LOROS’ special Ribbons for Remembrance event.

Choose a coloured ribbon which reminds you of a loved one and tie it around the branches of our beautiful tree in the lovely Hospice grounds as a vibrant lasting tribute.

Make a donation and select your coloured ribbon online at loros.co.uk/ribbons, then join us on Sunday 4th September to collect and tie your ribbon in celebration of their life.

LOROS needs you!

Sharing the love for the flowers even further!

The clinical administration team have continued to dry the flowers that were destined for the bin to create some beautiful confetti!

Once the flowers have been admired by patients, colleagues and visitors, the petals are dried out in their office. Once they are dried, they are scented and bagged into donated gift bags to raise more funds for LOROS.

You can purchase yours from the Hospice reception!

Environmental Update

According to the energy saving trust, the average small and medium sized enterprise (SME) could reduce their energy bills by 18 – 25% by installing energy efficiency measures and implementing behavioural change. https://energysavingtrust.org.uk/

Our energy costs will shortly increase by over 400%, or an extra £275K per year so it is more important than ever that we conserve energy and save money.

Office and work equipment can be high energy users. If a piece of equipment isn’t being used it should be switched off; leaving equipment on standby wastes energy. Computers and printers are both examples of so-called ‘vampire devices’. Vampire devices are appliances that draw energy when they are not in use, as well as when left on standby. A vampire device would typically have some kind of LED indicator light or built in digital clock and most chargers are also vampire devices.  

Please power down your PC and switch off the monitor when you leave the office. Ensure the power saving settings in windows are configured correctly, you can manually put your PC into sleep mode if you are leaving the office for a meeting or lunch. Changing the brightness settings of your monitor can also help to save power, but please ensure that it is bright enough to avoid eye strain. Did you know that laptops consume less energy than desktop computers? If you have a laptop please consider whether it would be appropriate to use that rather than your desktop.

If you charge devices at work, such as mobile phones, please only leave them plugged in long enough to charge the device and when finished turn the charger off at the wall. Chargers still continue to draw power even when the device is fully charged and regardless if there is a device plugged in or not. Please also consider switching off appliances in communal areas when not in use, such as microwaves. Fridges should NEVER be switched off or unplugged but if staff could be mindful of removing old items from the fridge that will help to conserve energy, as the fridge will not have to work so hard. If you boil a kettle to make hot drinks, please only boil enough to make the required number of drinks.

These are all ideas you could potentially use at home, the worst offending vampire devices at home are televisions, set top boxes and games consoles. I hope you find this information helpful for saving money on your home energy bills too. Please join me and the green champions and lets do all we can to help LOROS save those all-important funds.

Wellbeing Update

by Louise Kiernan

Well done to everyone who took part in the LOROS Corridor Games! So many competitive people!  Results will be coming out ASAP and prizes will be delivered accordingly!

In August, we will celebrate afternoon tea week- please confirm you can attend and on the 18th in the hospice please come along to the social area between 1 and 4pm for scones, tea and chats!

Following on from the LLR Wellbeing Festival you can now access the recordings of the sessions from that week. They include topics such as: inclusive culture, psychological safety, trans health, Eat well feel well, leadership circles and more.

Please see attached: Kids eat for less and LLR summer activities.

Wellbeing newsletter

You can find the August 2022 edition of the wellbeing newsletter here.

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback on this so please contact Louise Kiernan with any suggestions or improvements to be made.

Altruistic August

Check out the action for happiness 'Altruistic August' to support in creating a wave of kindness through August!

Blue Light Tickets

Quick sign up fast! Blue Light Tickets is available for all Blue Light Card holders. It provides the opportunity to grab hold of free tickets to gigs, concerts, theatre shows, sports events and more! If you're interested in signing up, follow this link!

Equality, diversity and inclusion update

by Andrew Jeffreys

To start with a question: how aware are you of non-visible disabilities?  There are some obvious ones, primarily sensory impairments where clues may exist if the person uses an aid, but there are many more conditions that cannot be observed physically.  Examples include mental health conditions, cognitive impairment, neurological conditions and autoimmune diseases; more recently they have come to include less understood or new conditions like fibromyalgia and long Covid.

In fact, of the 14 million adult people in the UK reported as having a disability, it’s estimated that 70% of those disabilities are invisible.  And, although it’s now fairly common to see people with sunflower lanyards in shops and services, that invisibility is also through choice if people are less willing to ask for support because of fear that their non-visible condition and needs will not be understood or accepted.  Another factor is the extent to which people consider their non-visible disability to affect them in everyday work and social situations and if they have suitable coping or masking strategies to minimise their condition becoming obvious to others.

It's also a matter of degree how, when and to who someone discloses to others that they have a non-visible disability – sometimes it’s like the disabled equivalent of coming out – and especially if they lack confidence that disclosing it will make a positive difference to them.  That’s why our recruitment and induction processes give the opportunity for people to let us know that they may need help including practical support through a reasonable adjustment.

But it doesn’t end there.  Other ways in which we all can support people with non-visible disabilities include: don’t make assumptions about what they need or their capabilities in specific situations; ask simple factual questions if you think someone is struggling in a situation or with a task; and be ready to provide a safe space or place in your team processes for someone to share how they feel and if they are looking for help.  Small things like this really can make a big difference.

And, as always, I am happy to provide advice to staff and managers at any time about this and other EDI issues.

That brings me rather appropriately to British Sign Language (BSL) as some colleagues have asked if we could repeat some BSL training that was provided a while ago by the Leicestershire Adult Learning Service.  I’ve raised this with the service and the trainer, Daisy Edwards, has advised she can develop a suitable course if there are enough of us interested.  Please let me know by email, VM or popping into my office (1.86 in the admin suite) if this could be for you either as a first-timer or to refresh your skills.

And finally – as all the best newscasters say – this is a relatively light month for diversity calendar events but we do have Leicester Pride to look forward to on Saturday, 3rd September and LOROS will be there on the march and with a stall.  Do let me or Jacky McBlain in the Community Engagement office know if you plan to attend or help in some way on the day!

LOROS Research

Finalists announced for BBC Radio Leicester Make a Difference Awards 2022

We are delighted to reveal that Dr Zoebia Islam and Irfhan Mururajani have been nominated for The Together Award as part of the Make a Difference Awards by BBC Radio Leicester. This award category celebrates people who create real change by breaking down barriers and bringing together people from different walks of life for a common cause.

Dr Islam’s and Mr Mururajani’s Thinking Ahead project has been nominated for its focus on engaging with diverse ethnic communities to promote discussions about the end of life. This project aimed to bring the voices of communities and the experiences of individuals to the awareness of health care organisations, and to break down silence and stigma about talking about end of life. The researchers have gone above and beyond in using innovative ways by initiating multiple outlets to reach the community. For more information about the project, please click on the links below:

Thinking ahead stories

Key messages from the Thinking Ahead Study 

We find out if they’ve won at the awards ceremony on 17th September!

An interesting read on the findings of the lived-experiences of healthcare workers who supported patients with COVID-19

Dr David Wenzel, one of the ward registrars, has published a paper in the BMJ open journal.

The paper discussed the experience of doctors and nurses at the UHL in looking after people with COVID who died despite their non-invasive ventilation. 

Just a warning that this is quite hard to read emotionally. 

The main themes were of feeling ill prepared and unsupported, a need to balance complex moral actions and a sense of duty to patients and their families. The impact on staff was profound. Although many of the issues described by participants are likely immutable components of healthcare in a pandemic, there were several important protective factors that emerged from the data:

  • Experience, debriefing and breaks from COVID-19 wards were valuable to participants

  • Successfully achieving a peaceful death for the patient was often viewed as compensation for a difficult journey.

The journal can be accessed at the link here.

For you- HR and personal development

Unicorn Update

by Helen Perkins


Clinical Staff – 93%

Non-Clinical Staff – 86%

Renewing your mandatory training modules:  Thank you all for your patience with the issues we have been having with Unicorn.  I know that this has been frustrating for all concerned.  The issues have now been resolved so please check you Unicorn profile and complete any due/outstanding learning asap. It would be amazing if we could get to 100% for all staff!

New app:

There is a new app for Unicorn (please note the changed logo since the last pinboard).  It’s called Access Learning and can be found in the play store.  You can delete the old app (Learning Path) which will no longer work.  Access Learning is much more user friendly and you can do much more on the APP than previously so well worth downloading.

Probation review paperwork: All probation reviews are now completed on Unicorn.  The forms will automatically pull through for all new users with reminders going to managers 2 weeks before the review date.  Any new starters who have reviews coming up should also be completed on Unicorn. If you have any issues with the forms, please let me know.

LOROS SystmOne & Smartcard T&Cs:  These are now available on Unicorn. If you are a Smartcard user, please read and sign off asap.  The form should be in your profile.  If not, please let me know and I will add it for you.

If you have any ideas of activities that you would like adding to Unicorn or if you would like to give any feedback of your experience of using Unicorn – good or bad, please email me and let me know. 

Developing Aspirant Leaders Programme (DAL)

Here is some information and an application pack for the Developing Aspirant Leaders Programme (DAL).

For more information please contact Liz McIntyre.

Head of Department Meeting- In Brief


Every day we hear wonderful and heart-warming stories around our communities and in the hospice of our patients and their families. From amazing acts of love to inspiring life stories, we are privileged to hear some of the best stories life has to offer.

Marketing would like your help in capturing some of these stories so that we can used them (with love and care) to represent your function.

Volunteers needed!

The fundraising team are looking for a few more volunteers for the Hospice Open Day on Sunday 4th September. Please speak to Joshua Richardson or Charlotte Graham for more information. There are also posters and flyers available to collect from the fundraising office should you know of anywhere that may be happy to advertise the event for us. We have some space left for the Ladies lunch taking place on Thursday 8th September. For more information, please speak to Charlotte Graham.

We are in need of some more Café volunteers so that we can extend opening hours to match those of visiting. We would also like to recruit a couple more to support the new Wellbeing Hub in Day Therapy and shop volunteers for our new Sunday opening hours. If anyone knows of anyone who has expressed an interest in volunteering with us, please pass them contact details for Gemma Jeffs for an informal chat, or visit the website to register their interest.

Hellos and Goodbyes

Welcome to our new starters and good luck to our leavers! If you fancy having a look at who they are then you can access staff profiles via Select HR.


Lea Sutherland

Gift Aid Co-ordinator

Jane Clark

Shops Team Leader

Lee Forbes

Retail Catering Manager

Michelle Potter

Domestic Assistant

Jane Lynch

Shop Manager

Jo Polkey

Director of Patient Care & Clinical Quality

Rosa Hinds

Cafe Assistant

Rona Cox

Shops Team Leader

Harry Thornber

Shops Team Leader


Jo Kavanagh

Director of Care Services

Penelope Smith

Research Associate

Sam Hall

Human Resources Administrator

Reem Saad

Ward Doctor

Alison Sheff

Complementary Therapist

Gillian Boudoukhan

Healthcare Assistant

Thomas Jeffrey

Healthcare Assistant

Mary Kealey

Care Services Administrator/Co-ordinator

Alison Naan

Care Services Administrator/Co-ordinator

Colleen Bird

Cafe Assistant

Debra Smith

Occupational Therapist

Yasemin Gumushan

Marketing and Communications Officer

Naomi Blankley

Cafe Assistant

Policy and Clinical Updates and Information

Updated Standard Operating Procedures / COVID SOP's

  • Management of COVID-19 Positive Patients on the Inpatient Ward – Version 6

  • Ward – Standard Operating Procedure During COVID-19 Pandemic – Version 8

  • Medical Outpatients Standard Operating Procedure During COVID-19 – Version 5

  • Day Therapy Standard Operating Procedure During COVID-19 – Version 6

See below the following new/updated policies:

Policy Number



Safeguarding Children


Personal Protective Equipment for Infection Prevention (UHL)


Procedure for Taking Blood Cultures in Adults


Supporting Patients to Prepare/Amend a Will at LOROS (Including Witnessing of a Will)

Hospice Pin Board Deadlines

The dates and deadlines for the 2022 Hospice Pin Boards are below. If you have anything in the pipeline then let me know – it’s never too early to give me the heads up!

Please email marketing@loros.co.uk or Ellie Booton with anything you would like to go into the Pin Board.

Content Deadline

Release Date

Tues 30th August

Mon 5th September

Tues 27th September

Mon 3rd October

Tues 1st November

Mon 7th November

Tues 29th November

Mon 5th December

Consent Terms and Conditions

As of this March 2022, the process for providing consent for articles and imagery has been updated.

If you are submitting an article and/or photograph, you are responsible for ensuring that everyone identified in the article (i.e. recognisably photographed or mentioned) are aware that it will be published in the newsletter and on staff intranet pages. A marketing consent form must be obtained from each identified individual and passed to the marketing team in advance of publication – we cannot publish any article without full individual consent. Copies of consent forms can be obtained from the marketing team (please be aware that there is a separate version currently being created for staff members which will soon be circulated).

Articles published on the intranet are on hidden pages with access promoted to staff, volunteers and trustees only. Although the pages are hidden they are not password controlled, and therefore may be findable/searchable on the internet. If you would like to opt-out of having your name or photograph published on the intranet, please let us know at marketing@loros.co.uk.

Thank you for your understanding.

LOROS, Groby Road, Leicester LE3 9QE