Life at LOROS Hospice: a podcast

A hospice is a place where you go to die. But it’s so much more than that. This podcast from LOROS Hospice will show you the extraordinary work that takes place there, the stories, the people and above all the patients and families who we support to make the worst time in their lives, not quite so bad.

What's it about?

How do you help someone to come to terms with their diagnosis? To keep smiling? To keep their independence? To keep living a full life? Despite what you might think LOROS is not a sad place, it’s life affirming. In this podcast you’ll hear from the people who make this happen, and the patients and families who experience it.

Presented by Daisy Powell, Communications Lead at LOROS.


Episode one: “The underlying goal is for patients to be as independent as possible”

In this episode, Daisy talks to Hannah Bold and Kerry Adams, clinical leads for occupational therapy and physiotherapy, about the role their services play in improving quality of life for palliative patients, helping them keep their independence and sense of self, despite incurable illness.

Episode two: “We work with people to help them live.”

In this episode we hear from Tracey Clipsham-Hughes, Counselling & Bereavement Service Manager, who talks about her support for patients living with incurable illness, helping them to realise that, although things are forever changed, they are still the same person.

Episode three: “A hug is sometimes what people need”

What do you say when people ask, ‘am I dying?’ Tracy Canham, who is a nurse on our Inpatient Ward and Pete Kerrigan, Ward companion volunteer, talk about caring for patients at the very end of their lives, how they allay fears and anxieties, and offering comfort to grieving families.

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