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23rd May

Jumping in the LOROS skydive in-memory of Grandad - Ellie's story

Ellie, a member of our Marketing team at LOROS, will be taking the leap of a lifetime on Sunday 11th September for LOROS Hospice in memory of her Grandad, Harry Thornton. Harry was a patient at LOROS following a mesothelioma cancer diagnosis in late 2005. The cancer was aggressive and Harry died in August 2006. Here is Ellie’s story about her family’s fond memories of her Grandad.


19th May

LOROS Hospice announces Rocket Round Leicester raised more than £315,000 for patient care

LOROS Hospice has shared the impact of their 2021 flagship fundraising event, Rocket Round Leicester. Throughout the summer of 2021, LOROS presented the city’s biggest art trail and today have announced that a total profit of £317,141 was raised for specialist patient care.

12th May

“I’m proud to be a nurse” LOROS marks Nurses’ Day

Thursday 12th May marks Nurses’ Day, a day to celebrate these hard-working heroes of the NHS.

29th April

“What’s your funeral song?” asks LOROS Hospice

It’s the biggest taboo of all but one we all face sooner or later. Death, dying and bereavement are still difficult subjects for many people to talk about, despite award-winning TV series, best-selling books and celebrity-fronted podcasts on the topic.

Patient Stories

12th April

Walking in-memory of Dad - Amy's Twilight Walk story

Amy Craig’s dad, John Mills, was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer in January 2021. The cancer was aggressive and John died just three months later, in March 2021 at the age of 60. On Saturday 28th May, Amy, her husband Stuart and their little boy Arthur will be walking in our Twilight Walk in memory of John.


11th April

Mandy's story: Being a Volunteer Hairdresser at LOROS

Everyone knows that having your hair done makes you feel good. That’s why when volunteer hairdressers visit our patients on the Ward it cheers everyone up! Here we share Mandy's story and the real impact of volunteers on our patients.

6th April

LOROS opens wellbeing space in Uppingham

LOROS Hospice has opened a community wellbeing space above its charity shop in the market town of Uppingham.

Patient Stories

31st March

Sharon's story, told by daughter Laura

Laura Myatt’s mum, Sharon, had pancreatic cancer and found that it had spread to her lungs and her brain. She was referred to LOROS Day Therapy by her GP. Here's Sharon's story, told by Laura about her lovely mum.

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