School, college & university fundraising

Find out how your students, staff and the wider community can support LOROS, and how we can support you too.


Learn, support, give back

We know that teachers are very busy people – that’s why when you support LOROS, we support you!

We can provide learning workshops which link to the national curriculum, helping students have informative and educative class discussions, whilst our fundraising projects also link to your curriculum priorities too.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can work with you and your school.

For more information or help with your ideas, please contact Emma Baxter on (0116) 231 8431 or by email

How you can get involved

Your support is very important to us and there are so many ways you can get involved on a small, medium or even huge scale!

Charity of the year or term

By choosing LOROS as your charity of the year or term, you’ll be helping us support adults with life limiting illnesses and their families across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

What’s more, you and your students will get to hear all about the amazing impact of your fundraising through regular updates from us, including visits to your school or group from Emma, our Supporter Engagement Coordinator (Young People).

Why choose LOROS?

  • Community spirit

    Having one charity as your focus for a term or a year gives everyone a chance to work together towards a common goal, encouraging teamwork and creativity.

  • Transferable skills

    Students can develop practical numeracy and organisational skills when involved in planning fundraising activities.

  • Links to the curriculum

    Whether is it looking at money in Maths or discussing how to help others in your community in PSHE, there are many ways you can link your fundraising activity to the curriculum. The sky is the limit! If you want to discuss ideas further with Emma, she can advise on ways to incorporate your plans into what you are already teaching.

  • Support, time and resources

    We have branded materials such as collection buckets and t-shirts which you can borrow throughout the year to brighten up your event. Our website has a whole host of fundraising planning guides, sponsor forms and information to help you along the way. On top of all that, Emma our Supporter Engagement Coordinator is here to help you every step of the way. She can support you to fundraise in the way that works best for you so that you and your students gets the most out of the experience. Whether that is running planning workshops, helping to promote your activity or as a sounding board for new ideas, she is here to support you.

  • Lionel is here to help too

    Do you know we have Lionel our lovely mascot? Lionel can visit your school or group to meet the students and be available for photo opportunities. Contact Emma to book a visit from Lionel.

  • Childhood bereavement training

    Our Child and Young Persons Counsellor can provide your staff with bespoke training in childhood bereavement. To find out more or to book a session, please get in touch.

Primary Schools and nurseries

From sponsored silences to bake sales, sitting in baths of custard or creating a physical obstacle course, the ways you can support LOROS is endless. The only limitation is your imagination!

Getting pupils involved in the planning of your fundraising will give them a real sense of ownership and achievement, as well as come up with ideas that you may never have thought of. So, tap into their creativity and sense of possibility to create your fundraising events. Emma is available to run planning workshops with your pupils, contact us now to book a time for your very own bespoke workshop.

Non-uniform or dressing up days are one of the most popular ways to raise money. Ask each pupil to wear non-uniform clothes, dress in yellow (LOROS brand colour) or in a specific theme and donate £1.

Physical challenges are another great way – can the pupils challenge the teachers? Or get each class to compete against each other. Introducing a bit of healthy competition can inspire pupils to raise more.

Our themed coin collecting cards are a great tool in money or maths lessons and helps to raise funds at the same time. These cards have spaces to collect each type of coin from 1p to £2 and raise £3.88 per card. Can you include these in your KS1 maths lessons?

These are just some of the ways you can get involved. Contact us now to discuss your ideas, or to book in for a bespoke fundraising planning workshop with Emma. This workshop will hep get your creative juices flowing and guide you through the steps for planning a fantastic fundraising initiative. The workshops can be delivered to classes or student social action after school clubs, staff or the PTA.

Secondary schools

For secondary school pupils, how about running your very own Apprentice style competition? Challenge groups of students to come up with a product they can sell in school to raise money or plan an event that the rest of the school can attend. Our team are on hand to support this, as well as connect you to local businesses and experts who may wish to connect with you!

How about a teacher vs pupil bleep test challenge? This is a great fun way to get everyone involved in something physical as well as raise funds. Pupils donate a fee to challenge teachers in the traditional Bleep Test – if the pupil wins, the teacher has to stump up a forfeit donation!

Do you have static gym equipment available on site? Why not set a goal such as 100 miles and get the pupils to be sponsored for static cycling the distance? If you would like to do such a challenge but don’t have the right equipment, get in touch. LOROS has a rowing machine, static bike and a treadmill which we can loan out for these types of events.

Running the Duke of Edinburgh Award? Contact us about how we can support your students in their volunteering.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get together and start fundraising!

Further Education

Student-led fundraising is so important to us and we would love to work with you on your ideas. Whether it is a comedy night, fancy dress bucket collection or a physical challenge, we are here to support you.

Are you interested in organising a physical challenge such as cycling as a team? Then look no further! We have a static bike, rowing machine and a treadmill available for use by groups to fundraise for LOROS. Get in touch with Emma to find out how to book these out.

What’s in it for me? We know that your time is precious and there is a lot to cram in when you are studying. However, fundraising and volunteering has its benefits!

  • A great addition to your CV – this shows future employers that you are a community spirited person and demonstrates initiative.

  • Develops entrepreneurship skills – planning an event takes a lot of different skills which you can carry into your long-term career.

  • Meet new people – connecting to like minded people when you are starting out in your studies will really help you settle in where you are, and may help you find life long friends!

Our team are happy to visit Fresher’s Week to talk about the work we do or to promote the volunteering opportunities available to you.

Why not nominate LOROS as your university’s RAG charity this year? Emma can provide bespoke support, regular updates and visits to the hospice (COVID restrictions allowing) to show you where your support is going.

Uniform Groups

Groups such as Scouts and Girl Guides have regularly supported LOROS for years and we are always grateful when new groups wish to join them.

Linking your fundraising activities to one of your challenge badges is a great way to support LOROS. Have you got a baking badge that the cakes made could be sold on? What about an environmental badge and running a sponsored litter pick?

We are working closely with some local Guide groups to trial ways the girls can earn badges and raise funds for LOROS so watch this space for new Guide specific resources, or get in touch to find out how you can get involved in the trial.

An example of this working really well was Charnwood Division Girl Guides who created a bespoke challenge badge for our Rocket Round Leicester project.

All fundraising done by, on behalf of, or in aid of a charity is regulated by the Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Fundraising Practice. For more details on how this affects you as a supporter please download our factsheet or contact us at

We also ask you to complete this short form to let us know about the money you raise and spend in your activity. You can download this form here.

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