Safeguarding at LOROS

LOROS places great emphasis on keeping the people that use our services, their families, staff and volunteers safe from preventable harm. LOROS has a strong culture and awareness of safeguarding and is committed to promoting the wellbeing of all adults who use our services, and children and young people who come into contact with LOROS, ensuring that they live a life that is free from harm, abuse and neglect.



We actively support the six principles of safeguarding which are: protection, prevention, partnership, proportionate empowerment and accountability.

Abuse can occur anywhere at any time and can be carried out by anyone. It can be a single act, repeated acts over a period of time, or due to a failure to act (neglect or acts of omission). It can happen to one person, or several people at the same time.

Here at LOROS and the local policies and procedures

The professional lead for safeguarding adults and children is our safeguarding lead. In addition, LOROS has a qualified social worker who can advise and support with any safeguarding concerns.

Safeguarding duties are included within all job descriptions and at all levels. The recruitment process for all staff, volunteers and trustees is robust and follows principles for safe recruiting, which include DBS checks, collating and checking references, employment histories and conducting interviews during our assessment centres.

The organisation performs to the standards set for training and competency from both Health, the Local Safeguarding Boards (LSCB/LSAB), production of evidence for the Care Quality Commission and the Care Commissioning Groups. All staff, volunteers and trustees undergo safeguarding training relevant to their role and are encouraged to lead by example and challenge practice.

We perform our safeguarding duties in alignment with the policies and procedures by the local Safeguarding Boards for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. The links to these are below:

Adults: Latest edition of the Safeguarding Adults Boards (SABs) Multi-Agency Policies and Procedures (MAPP) resource for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

Children: Latest edition of Leicester City, Leicestershire and Rutland Local Safeguarding Children Boards Procedures Manual

If you have any concerns or worries

If you have a concern about an adult, child or young person at risk of abuse or neglect and they are in immediate danger you should contact the relevant emergency services by ringing 999. The non-emergency number for the police is 101 (but please dial 999 in an emergency).

If you are concerned about an adult, child or young person at risk of abuse or neglect, please report your concerns to your local authority. You can find the contact details for the relevant local authority child or adult teams on the local authority website Leicester City Council, Leicestershire County Council, Rutland County Council.

You can also download and view relevant information on the NHS Safeguarding Guide App.

If you have any questions or require further information regarding the above please call the safeguarding lead or LOROS social worker on 0116 231 8443 , Monday to Friday, between 8.30am-4.30pm.

LOROS modern slavery, anti-slavery and human trafficking statement

This statement is made pursuant to Part 6, Section 54, of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

LOROS is a charity committed to conducting all of our activities with integrity and in an ethical manner. LOROS fully supports international efforts to combat modern slavery and human trafficking in corporate activities and supply chains.

LOROS Hospice is a UK Registered Charity (No. 506120) and Registered Company in England & Wales (1298456).

One of our most basic beliefs is that everyone should have the opportunity to work in an environment that is free from discrimination or oppression of any kind. To this end, LOROS complies with applicable employment laws and is firmly committed to ensuring fairness in the hiring and advancement of all employees, both permanent and temporary.

All of our employees have a personal responsibility for maintaining a respectful work atmosphere, free of abusive or unprofessional conduct. Every member of staff is required to respect fellow employees and to treat them with dignity. This message is reiterated in our policies and procedures, which are made available to all staff and volunteers.

Our commitment to respect in the workplace is wholly commensurate with ethical principles and practices aimed at preventing the exploitation and abuse associated with modern slavery and human trafficking.

We likewise expect a commitment to these principles from all organisations with which we do business and will not support or do business knowingly with any organisations involved in slavery or human trafficking. We will endeavour to ensure that our procurement and risk management processes are sensitive to reports of any such activity in order that appropriate action may be taken, where appropriate, to exclude such suppliers from our supply chain.

My Grandad Erwin benefited enormously from the care provided on the inpatient ward and had visited Day Therapy prior to his death.


For anyone hesitant about attending bereavement counselling don’t be. After a few sessions, the councillor feels like a best friend; it feels like a family here at LOROS.

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