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CFE Newsletter

Anticipatory Medicine edition

We’ve refreshed the LOROS Centre for Excellence Newsletter for 2024, and, as part of our new format, each edition will focus on a different topic. The theme for this edition will be Anticipatory Medicine – medications for symptom management towards the end of life.

CFE Newsletter

Autumn 2023

We open with some inspirational words from Liz McIntyre, our outgoing Director of Education, Learning and Development. I hope this reminds us all as to why working in palliative care is so important and the difference we can make to the lives of so many.

CFE Newsletter

Winter 2022

This first edition features the launch of the Centre for Excellence brought to you by our Director of Education, Learning and Development Liz McIntyre, along with an introduction of our Research Themes delivered by our Lead for Research Professor Christina Faull, and much more!

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