Dhruv Upadhya

Scratch Card Stories

Ahead of his wedding, Dhruv bought his scratch cards online to use as favours.

"My mother spent over a month at LOROS and we were there every single day.

"This time was particularly difficult for our family as we were so close and the thought of mum not being at home was heart-breaking for us. Every day became slightly easier and that is thanks to the wonderful staff of LOROS.

"From the consultants to the cleaners, everyone was so welcoming and loving - it really set our minds at rest that mum was in the best possible care. The smile on her face and the relationships she made with the staff was truly incredible.

"Sadly we lost mum in May and we decided we want to help LOROS in whatever way we can, to say thank you for the incredible work you do. Myself and my family have decided to do at least one activity a year to help raise money.

"We don’t know how we would of coped without your love, support and incredibly hard work.

"The scratch cards were a token of our appreciation."

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Scratch Card Stories

11th June

Yasmin Mears

We wanted to give our guests something a bit different when we got married...

Scratch Card Stories

11th June

Emma and Adam

We really wanted to support LOROS as a part of our big day and spread the word about a great cause. Our guests loved the idea and there were even a few winners in the room!

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