I Experience VR for businesses

Are you looking for new ways to invest in the wellbeing of your staff? Significant evidence exists to show there is a strong link between mental health and productivity in the workplace. 


Why use VR at your business?

I Experience VR is a unique collection of virtual reality films, specially designed to transport users away from the busy working place to a place of peace and tranquillity. Just a few minutes in one of these immersive scenarios can have an enormous impact on mood, reducing stress and increasing happiness to help staff feel refreshed and revitalised. 

Our selection of films caters to all, with both exciting and peaceful scenarios to inspire or relax the user. Compact and lightweight, I Experience VR can be used anytime, anywhere, be it on a lunch break to get inspired, as a group activity or after a stressful presentation.  

If you are looking for an accessible and innovative way to promote relaxation and wellbeing in your organisation, I Experience VR is a great project to get involved with.  

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Our VR films

LOROS has a wide range of fantastic footage to choose from including commissions, gifted footage and competition winners

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