LOROS scratch cards
Your workplace and us!

Our scratch cards are ideal for staff incentives, little thank you’s, Friday fun, or for staff to purchase.


LOROS scratch cards at your workplace

You can buy scratch cards for £1 each to gift on, or you can support us by selling them to colleagues and suppliers.

If you’d like to invite us into your work place, we’d be happy to join you over lunch and chat to staff in their break about how they can support LOROS in different ways. We’ll also bring our Support and Win scratch cards along too, get in touch to find out more!

Call us on (0116) 231 8430 or email lottery@loros.co.uk

My school was saying that I could come and help at LOROS and I thought it would be great to come and help people who are in their last days, I thought it would be a really good thing to do.


The support from LOROS went way beyond what I expected. It really kept me going.

LOROS, Groby Road, Leicester LE3 9QE
Fundraising Regulator