Train for the Tower!


Tower running is the sport of competitively climbing stairs, taking place in some of the world’s most iconic buildings. According to top tower runners, the experience is exhilarating! Have you got what it takes to take on the tower?

Whether you have a time goal you are determined to reach or just want to make it to the top, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself whilst supporting your local Hospice!

Sign up to do something amazing this year. The LOROS Tower Run will be taking place on Saturday 26th March. On your marks, get set, GO:

Our top tips for tower running

Running or walking upstairs is a highly intense workout, increasing cardiorespiratory performance and body strength alongside building on mental persistence. Trust us, leg burn is guaranteed in our Tower Run challenge!

The most effective way to train for your Tower Run is, of course, running or walking the stairs. Check out our selection of top training tips for you to become a Tower Titan! Remember to start slowly and gradually, particularly if you are a beginner. Be sure to listen to your body whilst training.

  • Avoid the downhill: If you’re training to run up the stairs, running down the stairs can actually slow you down placing extra pressure on the knees.

  • Make the most of those handrails: Handrails will provide all-important assistance on the way up the tower. These will help keep you safe and maximise your speed!

  • BREATHE: Stair climbing is exceedingly intense and your breathing will become deep. Finding a breathing rhythm will support you during the run and experts suggest that focusing on long exhales and short inhales will be beneficial.

  • Know the details: Our Tower Run will be 351 steps up St George’s Tower so make sure you plan your training around this. Remember, stairs in commercial buildings are typically taller than in residential buildings which could impact your time.

  • Strength train: The gym will assist with strength training but you can also train from home. Why not try exercises such as squats, lunges and planks?

  • The main tip- ENJOY! Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy our Tower Run experience. Savour the moment and we’ll see you at the top!

The LOROS Tower Run is open to all abilities and ages. Whether you’re an exercise enthusiast or just up for a new challenge, we’d love to see you taking part. Gather a group of friends, family or colleagues and take on the Tower together.

Run, walk, crawl at your own pace and raise all-important funds for your local Hospice. Sign up today for FREE if you pledge to raise £50 for LOROS:

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