“What’s your funeral song?” asks LOROS Hospice

29 Apr 2022

It’s the biggest taboo of all but one we all face sooner or later.

Death, dying and bereavement are still difficult subjects for many people to talk about, despite award-winning Netflix series, best-selling books and celebrity-fronted podcasts on the topic.

“It can go against people’s instincts to talk about death as it feels like it might make it more likely to happen. It’s a sensitive subject but a really important one to discuss openly”, says Jo Kavanagh, Director of Care Services at LOROS Hospice.

This week LOROS is inviting people to share their thoughts on the following questions.

·       How do you want to be remembered?

·       Would you be buried or cremated?

·       What would your funeral be like?

·       What’s your funeral song?

To get the conversation started the Hospice has asked its staff and supporters to get involved and is sharing their responses all week across social media.

“At LOROS we care for people at the end of their lives and we believe part of that care is to provide opportunities for patients and their families to have these conversations”, says Jo.

“We start the conversations very gently, such as asking them if they have considered what music they might like played at their funeral. It’s generally well received. Sometimes they want to have the conversation but don’t know how to start.”

From 2nd-6th May it’s Dying Matters Awareness Week and LOROS hospice staff will be leading by example to encourage everyone to talk about this most taboo of subjects.

From ashes scattered across a sun-drenched beach in Greece to being buried with teddies and their phone, everyone has a unique take on the questions, which is exactly the reason for making your wishes known.

Jo adds: “We find it can be really helpful for families to know what their loved one’s wishes are. It supports them to know that they are enacting what their loved ones wanted, which can provide them with a great deal of comfort at an extremely sad and difficult time.”

To find out more visit loros.co.uk/dying-matters-week

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