Ribbons for Remembrance

4th September 10:00 - 16:00

LOROS Hospice or at home

Suggested donation £15

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Ribbons for Remembrance is a truly special way to celebrate all of the people that brought colour to our lives. Tie a lasting love knot to remember a loved one and together we will create a sea of colourful tributes in the Hospice gardens.

Picture the poignant sight of a tree shining with brightly coloured ribbons, each one a reflection of the joy and beauty a loved one brought to our lives. Make a donation today and you can help to create this vibrant and fluttering tribute, that will last all season.

Your remembrance ribbon will become intertwined with the branches and green leaves of the tree, and swaying in the breeze together they will create a beautiful reminder that no matter where you are, you are never alone.

We are here for you.

Choose a ribbon colour that reminds you of your loved one, collect it at the Hospice as part of LOROS’ Big Day Out on Sunday 4th September and take a moment to tie the ribbon onto our remembrance tree.

As part of Big Day Out, you're invited to see just how your support for LOROS makes a world of difference to families like yours.

Together, we can all take a moment to reflect under the tree in the company of those we love most. Not only will your ribbon serve as a radiant tribute to honour the life of someone special, but your donation will make sure that those at LOROS have the opportunity to make memories with their own loved ones before they die.

If you cannot attend but would like a member of the LOROS team to tie your ribbon on the tree for you or for us to send your ribbon to you at home, please let us know by selecting this option on the online form below.

Thank you

£15 would pay to collect a patient from home for Day Therapy and cover the cost of their meals for the day, allowing them to spend time in the company of others going through the same thing.

£25 would pay for an hour of specialist care for one of our inpatients, helping them and their family to focus on what matters most to them.

£40 would and pay for a day’s worth of medication to relieve a patient’s pain, helping them to spend better-quality, pain-free time with their own family and friends.

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