I Experience VR
for patients

Modern technology has the power to vastly enhance the care we offer. Reducing anxiety and stress in patients, visitors and staff is a challenge which many organisations face.  


What is I Experience VR?

I Experience VR is a unique collection of virtual reality films, specially designed to transport users to a place of happiness and calm, away from the stress of every day life.  

Working as a distraction therapy, these immersive scenarios provide temporary relief from pain, worry and sadness and, for those patients with restricted mobility, a chance to enjoy new experiences and relive old ones. These beautiful scenarios create a sense of newness and adventure, providing the opportunity for patients, family and staff to engage in different ways. 

LOROS CEO John Knight said: “This is a really exciting project for us, and I believe we are the first Hospice in the country to have specifically commissioned such a film as a therapeutic tool using a familiar local setting. 

“We recognise that some of our patients are often restricted to where they can go due to their illness, so we wanted to help give them the opportunity to still enjoy life wider than their restrictions allow, through virtual reality.” 

Our VR films

LOROS has a wide range of fantastic footage to choose from including commissions, gifted footage and competition winners

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